The 'Eagle' one was a Limited Edition globe done with a ceramic decal fired onto a milkglass body. As far as I know they are not still available for sale - only as resale items from somebodies collection. Petroleum Artifacts did them if I am not mistaken.

The two 'Bar and Shield' globes are almost always on e-Bay somewhere. They were never authorized by HD - but that didn't stop someone from making them.

The 'flame' version and the other nice looking one are/were/ only available through an authorized HD outlet selling HD 'collectables' and came on the 'plastic/fiberglass' tall Tok 39 display cabinet 'pumps'. You COULD NOT buy them outright - only with the entire fake pump.

The last version is a decal on a new milkglass body.

Later . . .


BTW - the 'White' version actually states at the bottom that the art was taken off of a plastic shopping bag from a dealership!

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