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#38010 - Thu Oct 25 2007 05:49 PM Time Passages
ziegld1 Offline

Registered: Thu Oct 07 2004
Loc: Ballwin , MO USA
Has anyone else had problems ordering parts for Time Passages ? I have an order over 4 weeks old and I keep getting the their out of stock. Let me I try any supplier.
Thanks for your feed back.

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#38011 - Thu Oct 25 2007 06:51 PM Re: Time Passages
Dick Bennett Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Wed Oct 25 2000
Loc: Santa Paula, Calif
I sent $5 for a COLOR CATALOG 20+ years ago, NEVER RECEIVED IT. NEVER ordered anything else, just waited till another supplier offered the items I needed.
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#38012 - Thu Oct 25 2007 06:59 PM Re: Time Passages
KZ1000 Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Sun Oct 21 2007
Loc: Mass
I thought I was the only one to get shafted on the "color catalog" coming soon promise, I sent my $5.00 back in 1990. I too dealt elsewhere since then

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#38013 - Thu Oct 25 2007 07:48 PM Re: Time Passages
cdncon Offline
Active Member

Registered: Thu Oct 19 2006
Loc: ontario, canada
Have purchased many thousands of $$$ from them and we're still happy campers. Sure, as with most any supplier theres apt to be growing pains and a few hiccups along the way... but when mentioned, they've always made good.

Having said that... think for the most part Primarily Petrolina members are a good bunch but could name some we have not experience quite the same satisfaction with.

Remember: You can please some of the folks all the time and all of the folks some of the time... but not all of the folks, all the time!

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#38014 - Thu Oct 25 2007 08:28 PM Re: Time Passages
nochevys Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Sat May 15 2004
Loc: Sherrill NY
I've order a few items from there & never had a problem.
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#38015 - Thu Oct 25 2007 09:11 PM Re: Time Passages
ward zaharia Offline
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Tue Apr 01 2003
Loc: yorkton sask canada
I have been waiting for a order from a vendor since may not time passages though


#38016 - Thu Oct 25 2007 09:34 PM Re: Time Passages
roadrelics Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Sat Dec 21 2002
Loc: Minneapolis, Minnesota ...USA
Debbie, Scotts wife & her sister Barb are absolutely great women & some of the best people you'll meet.!!!


#38017 - Fri Oct 26 2007 02:39 PM Re: Time Passages
steve2020 Offline

Registered: Mon Aug 02 2004
Loc: Lafayette, Indiana
I can understand your comments about the catalog. All I have ever recieved is a Black and White Zerox Copy. I would think it would be hard to compete with other supplier's who send Free Colored catalog's with every purchase. Catalog's that are continually updated with new merchandise.

I have noticed that if Time Passages doesn't have an item in stock. You can exspect a Long wait.
I have waited as long as 4 months for an item that was not in stock.It seem's to me they are not stocking as many item's as they once did. I know other customer's who are not on Old Gas.Com who have gone to other supplier's because they got tired of the long Waiting Period. Myself included.

Scott is very Blessed to have a Wife and Sister- In Law who are So Dedicated to the Business.

#38018 - Fri Oct 26 2007 08:36 PM Re: Time Passages
ronsjunk Offline
Active Member

Registered: Wed Dec 06 2006
Loc: were just about everywhere
whats this biggy re catalogs...

granted, there are a few that have updated colored catalogs and most all of our valued petrolina suppliers include detailed web sites .. dont overlook theres also a number of very successful suppliers out there that have no elaborate catalogs or web site and if they do, its extremely limited or outdated at best

just curious

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#38019 - Sun Oct 28 2007 03:37 PM Re: Time Passages
steve2020 Offline

Registered: Mon Aug 02 2004
Loc: Lafayette, Indiana
Ron what you are saying is correct.The problem is people don't like paying for an item and never recieving them. And then also being told time and time again a catolog is on it's way and it never arrives . The Supplier's that don't have a catalog or websiteare'nt charging for something they don't have. Good question I hope this explains my frustration .

#38020 - Fri Nov 02 2007 04:37 PM Re: Time Passages
Wes Hague Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Wed Aug 08 2007
Loc: canada
This is Debbie's email,,, send her an email and she will look after you,, great person.. timepass@netins.net
Wes Hague, ( Canada)


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