Thanks George Johnston, Brent (Chevelle SS), and Ryan Fortner. I live in Louisiana about 6 miles from the Texas state line (80 miles Northeast of Beaumont). I will try to make the Pate swap meet. I am new to this gas pump hobby (about 2 years)but have finished restoring my fourth pump. I have built up quite a collection of unrestored gas pumps, lubesters, cans, signs, etc......I'm hooked. I have 5 vintage cars and wanted to have a gas pump to display with my cars and truck. Started with one, then another, and another and you know how that goes.......I've got it bad!!!!! This is a wonderful site with a bunch of helpful people. Again thank you George . I called Andy at gas pump heaven and the upper skins (Tokheim 850)should be available in about 30+ days and they will be metal....again thank you Brent and Ryan for the info on the Pate swap meet. I hope the rumor on the Beaumont swap in August is true. Still seeking info on that. If I can help anyone out there just shoot me a e-mail at ya, Patrick

Wanted. Billups, Ride with Rose, Har-V, LORECO, STANOCOLA, Pan Am (early), Hurricane, Evangeline, Canal, Gulf Coast, oil companies.