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#410301 - Wed Apr 17 2013 06:31 PM Re: Porcelain Sign Cleaning Nightmare..HELP!!! [Re: MetroPetro]
57CameoGuy Offline
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Fri Mar 08 2013
Loc: Kansas
Unlike similar abrasive cleaning products, such as Comet and Ajax, Bar Keepers Friend uses oxalic acid as its active ingredient.

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#410326 - Wed Apr 17 2013 07:59 PM Re: Porcelain Sign Cleaning Nightmare..HELP!!! [Re: 57CameoGuy]
Dr Dave Offline
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Registered: Thu Jul 28 2011
Loc: Georgia
The WD40 will not make a permanent change in the sign. It is useful to remove oxidation and does leave a nice shine. I have heard of using it with a very fine steel wool to remove rust as well. (I have not done that experiment though.)
I have rubbed down my truck with a microfiber towel and a touch of WD40 then used a clean microfiber towel to buff it out. (I have heard that car detailers use this trick) It does make a great shine, beads water like crazy, but does eventually wear off.

#410328 - Wed Apr 17 2013 08:10 PM Re: Porcelain Sign Cleaning Nightmare..HELP!!! [Re: Dr Dave]
mcguffeyd1 Offline
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Registered: Wed Sep 19 2012
Loc: Cincinnati

A auctioneer friend of mine uses it on old tractors and junk to make them sell. But when you get the stuff home it is really dusty. LOL.
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#410659 - Fri Apr 19 2013 12:42 PM Re: Porcelain Sign Cleaning Nightmare..HELP!!! [Re: 1970mach]
cormy Offline
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Registered: Mon Feb 09 2004
Loc: PA
Wise man Once Say: Once gloss is lost..it's lost...

#410687 - Fri Apr 19 2013 04:52 PM Re: Porcelain Sign Cleaning Nightmare..HELP!!! [Re: texaspelican]
blacktee Offline
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Registered: Mon Jan 17 2005
Loc: Saline, Mi USA
Originally Posted By: texaspelican
your right about barkeepers doing harm to certain colors..thats why I don't use it anymore...I used glass stove top cleaner and extra fine steel wool and have never harmed the colors It will remove the rust stains....come on...what is porcelain? crushed baked glass....

I thought I was the only one who had a problem with bar keepers. So I never posted on here. I destroyed two Contains Signs and something else by leaving it on the surface for a while, oh it was a red porcelain star. I threw that stuff out. I will never use anything but rubbing polish and wax...

#410691 - Fri Apr 19 2013 05:18 PM Re: Porcelain Sign Cleaning Nightmare..HELP!!! [Re: blacktee]
coheley5 Offline
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Registered: Thu Jun 11 2009
Loc: Georgia
I went and looked at a sign at auction and when I touched it I got oil on my hand. found out from the buyer later he keeps putting W-D40 on it because it keeps drying out is not glossy any more. W- D 40 just short term.
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