I asked this question, last year or in 2011... But, no one could help me, at that time...

With new Members joining, I thought I would "ask around, again"...

I am hoping that someone might live in and/or around Decatur Indiana?

I am looking for information about the "Elberson Service Station" that was in Decatur, Indiana in the 1920s?

The building is now a Ice Cream Shop, called "The Old 27 Ice Cream Shop"... (here is a write up on the new business in the "Decatur Daily Democrat" Jan. 31, 2011)


The Ice Cream "Parlor" at it's Grand Opening in 2011:

The Station in the 1920s (I believe):

I talked to the Owner of the Ice Cream Shop, Mr. Brune a couple years ago, when he and his wife were getting ready to open the Business... He did not have much info about when the building was Elberson's...

I've been lucky enough to find 2 separate items advertising the Station and would like more info about the Business and hopefully maybe some more images of the working Station?...

As I said, I am hoping that someone has information about the Station and possibly the Owner? (also I am always on the "look out" for more advertising items)

And if one finds themself "in the general area" of Decatur? Maybe I've given you an excuse to go and enjoy some Ice Cream?... LOL
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