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#450088 - Mon Jul 22 2013 09:26 PM Lost out on 2 porcelain signs But im happier than
TILLER Offline
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Wed Oct 27 2010
Loc: Upstate NY
If i bought them.

Lil background.. I work for the local phone company as a field tech. I see lots of stuff in my travels and when i see something when no ones around or "its not for sale" i write in a notepad and stop by now and then.

Got sent out of town for storm duty and went by a house i saw 2 porcelain colonial signs at last year. Owner said they were his fathers and he might sell them down the road and to stop back.

I was in the area friday and stopped by and the gentleman wasnt home but his 88 year old mother was. I told her my interest and she said they were part her signs as well and could use the money and her son would be back shortly. I left and did a job and swung in 1 more time. He still wasnt back but me and her had a nice talk about my job, her bed that wasnt delivered and how shes slept in a chair for 2 nitess and then she invited me in. We talked for 20 minutes until her son showed up and when asked about the signs he sold them shortly after i stopped for a 1/4 of my offer. The mother was upset and apologized and after a bit we started talking again about her age and how well she got around. She then told me of how young she felt because she was always helping her elderly neighbors. One man hadnt gotten his mail and when she stsopped over he was eating ahotdog and beans and didnt have the strength to get his mail. She cooked him dinner for 3 years. Then another story of more help and kindness followed by another.

As i got up to leave she again apologized about the signs and i said i was happy they were gone, the conversation i had with her was worth more to me than any sign.

Its people like her that are few and far between and why we are in the state were in. I learned a valuable lesson friday and left with a bigger smile than any collectible ever could.

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#450096 - Mon Jul 22 2013 09:42 PM Re: Lost out on 2 porcelain signs But im happier than [Re: TILLER]
K W FRITH Offline
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Registered: Sun Oct 21 2007
Loc: Devils Lake, ND---USA
Great story & a great experience!
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#450110 - Mon Jul 22 2013 09:57 PM Re: Lost out on 2 porcelain signs But im happier than [Re: K W FRITH]
Dave Richey Offline
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Registered: Mon Nov 24 2008
Loc: Pearl Mississippi USA
I'm as guilty as many, but as the money got bigger in our hobby, the human interest quotient shrank exponentially.
Common acts such as this lady's were some of what helped to define the Greatest Generation. And thank you for making her feel as important as her actions are.
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#450122 - Mon Jul 22 2013 10:28 PM Re: Lost out on 2 porcelain signs But im happier than [Re: Dave Richey]
buzzy56 Offline
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Registered: Sat Nov 24 2012
Loc: Michigan
Nice story. Just proves that we always have a lot to learn from those whom have gone before us.Always great talking to elderly people? Their experiences are so interesting.At least to me. I once lived across the road at a lake from. 90 yr. old gentleman who came across the mountains with his parents in a covered wagon to settle on some land. Talking to him over the years was priceless.So much knowledge.Sure you had a great day!
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#450271 - Tue Jul 23 2013 06:00 PM Re: Lost out on 2 porcelain signs But im happier than [Re: buzzy56]
carolinaskies Offline
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Registered: Tue Feb 08 2011
Loc: Upstate SC, USA
I learned a long time ago not to worry about missing a purchase opportunity as something else will turn up, or the items I didn't get turn up later.

Rather, I enjoy meeting alot of people in this business as a buyer and seller. Since I specialize in both toys and advertising I get to talk to many people and share in some great stories and history of things I have bought or sold.

The human element is far more fun and memorable over the years.
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#450348 - Tue Jul 23 2013 09:05 PM Re: Lost out on 2 porcelain signs But im happier than [Re: carolinaskies]
Oldgas Offline

Registered: Tue Jul 25 2000
Loc: South of St. Louis, MO USA
Great story, Dan. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Shows it isn't always about getting the most stuff or selling for the most money.
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