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#47429 - Fri Jul 12 2002 10:19 PM your help urgently needed
rhondagh Offline
New Member

Registered: Fri Jul 12 2002
Loc: Nigeria
Dear Friend,

Sorry to bother you with this unexpected letter. I am compelled to write you by my desire to seek for urgent assistance from you for a transaction that will benefit you and I.
I came across this bulletin board from an international business directory in my search to secure a Credible, Honest and Trustworthy person who will assist us in the transaction I am about exposing to you.

I am Rhondagh Bhondo, a Nigerian and personal assistant to Wayne Sixtee, the leader of the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) of Primarily Petroliana, now in detention since May 2000 and facing trial with 33 others. I am presently on exile in East St. Louis in “disquise”.

We have in our possession the following:-
1. Eleven Million British Pounds sterling (11m),
2. Fifteen Million United States dollars (USD15m), Eight Million
French Franc (8MFR) and some quantity of Old Gas Pumps (I will let you know the exact quantity on request) kept in lockers (marine shipping containers) with a security company somewhere outside my country (The security company does not know the content of the lockers, but they do smell of fuel) since 2000 before the arrest of our Leader in May of the same year.
This Money came from Grants from countries who supported and assisted us in our struggle to liberate our country from mis-Rule, and sales of Gas Pump, which I am sure you know my country uses. Our front controlled then Areas where many Old Gas Pump is found. These were two main sources through which we got money to sustain our course.

Before the arrest and subsequent detention of our Leader, we smuggled the money and the Gas Pumps in security trucks, in batches out of the country to a security company for safe keeping because we had commenced peace talks preparatory to final seize fire and disarmament.
When the war officially ended, I had to flee from the country for fear of arrest and prosecution on the instruction of Wayne Sixtee because he wanted me to be outside so that his family could be taken care of with the money and proceeds from the sales of the Gas Pumps in the event that he is convicted, imprisoned or executed.

During his first trial in March 4,2002, he managed to send message across to me instructing me to look for a Trustworthy person abroad who will assist us clear the lockers from the security company and pay the money and the proceeds from the sales of the Gas Pumps into his bank account before disbursement. Sir, on the strength of this directive from my boss (Wayne Sixtee) who is also my relative, I seek for your assistance to help us clear the lockers from the security company to enable us sell the Gas Pumps and paid the money into your bank account. I cannot do this myself because of my statutes here. Besides, I do not have foreign bank account. I am almost in hiding here.

Should you be willing to assist us, a meeting will be arranged between you and our representative in Europe where modalities will be discussed face to face including what you will be entitled to for your assistance, the name of the security company as well as change of ownership as it will be assumed that you are the owner to enable you clear them.
We will equally instruct the security company to transfer the lockers to their sister company in Europe for convenience.

Please get back to me through this bulletin board indicating your interest, readiness and willingness to assist us. You are advised to treat this information as very urgent and confidential.

Thanks for your anticipated co-operation.

Awaiting your Prompt reply.

Best Regards

Rhondagh Bhondo

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#47430 - Fri Jul 12 2002 11:28 PM Re: your help urgently needed
Rust Collector Offline
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Sat Dec 02 2000
Loc: San Diego, CA USA

#47431 - Fri Jul 12 2002 11:28 PM Re: your help urgently needed
Morgan Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Fri Oct 13 2000
Loc: Texas USA
I've gotten about a dozen different versions of this scam over the last few months.

Jim, I'd request you remove this please. Thanks.

#47432 - Sat Jul 13 2002 08:27 AM Re: your help urgently needed
Oldgas Offline

Registered: Tue Jul 25 2000
Loc: South of St. Louis, MO USA
I get several variants of this scam nearly every day via email, usually "from" a doctor or widow of an African country government official. No doubt about it, they are scams. But this one appears to be a joke, based on those annoying scams.

I'm closing this topic to responses, but I'm allowing it to stay as a warning to avoid email scams. Never respond in any way to unsolicited spam email, even to "remove" or even if the deal seems like a good one. Response to spam in any way perpetuates it.

Your host and moderator
Jim "Oldgas" Potts
Your host and moderator


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