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#47547 - Tue Aug 20 2002 10:18 PM Spray can and a globe restoration?
Zip's Offline
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Registered: Tue Aug 21 2001
Loc: Muscatine Iowa
Well after reading some comments in one of the other threads about restorations i will start a new one. I am not bragging in any way about what i do. Just commenting on how i do mine compared to other (pro?) jobs i have seen. All my pumps i restore i start by totally taking apart every piece. Get rid of the pump unit first thing! As i do i put everything in a ziplock bags that are labeled. Off to the acid tank goes the panels and frame work. When i get them back they get washed with warm soapy water and rinsed. Then sprayed with simple green degreaser cleaner and let sit for a few minutes. Then rinsed off very very good. Off to the paint shop to be preped and painted. Automotive base coat clear coat paint inside and out on all of it. All screws and bolts are replaced with new. Any of the original parts that are not perfect get replaced with reproduction pieces. Face plates, crank handles, glass and all new rubber are the most common. The meter is cleaned and decaled if needed. I rewire them with a UL approved cord with a cord grip connector thru the side. Tie strap it to the frame and make all connections with proper electrical fittings. All trim is restored and polished to like new. When complete they look incredible. Yes they are better than new, but people are willing to pay for profesional quality work. They would rather buy a corVETTE than a cheVETTE.

At one of the recent major gas shows there was a well known dealer with some pro restored pumps for sale. As i stood there looking at them a customer wanted to see the inside of a MS 80 he had that was priced at $1600. It was a great looking red and white pump done up in Mobilgas. When he opened the door i almost fell to the ground in shock! The inside was original, factory paint, rust, cobwebs, dirt and all. Never even touched the inside of it. Just sanded and painted the outside. The lamp cord for power was just hanging inside, not secured and connected to the old wires with twist locks and black tape. One good pull from a little one would have been a shocking ordeal.

A restoration is in the eyes of the person doing it. If the pump is going to sit out in the weather then do a clean up on it. If it is going to be your pride and joy in the living room corner then go all out! Most importantly enjoy it and have fun doing it. A profesional or amutuer restoration has saved an old gas pump from the crusher. Kurt

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#47548 - Tue Aug 20 2002 11:05 PM Re: Spray can and a globe restoration?
Jack Sim Offline
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Registered: Fri Nov 10 2000
Loc: St. Louis, MO, USA
You didn't say if the guy bought the 80 after seeing the insides, and if he didn't it would be interesting to know what he thought about the "restoration."
I have restored a number of pumps and since they were all for resale, I did basically what you do.
My belief is that if you are fixing up the pump for yourself, do anything you want, but if you are restoring it for resale, it better be nice.
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#47549 - Wed Aug 21 2002 07:44 AM Re: Spray can and a globe restoration?
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Registered: Fri Jun 07 2002
Loc: Schenectady, New York USA
Fine... I started this thread so I might as well help keep it going. I own 2 corvettes and yes there was a swing in the 80's to over restore them. The more recent trend is to put them back to more original condition. OK back to gas pumps.... I agree with cleaning the insides, but to paint them (perhaps the inside of the door) - but I believe the pumps weren't painted inside so I leave my in nice clean primer. My wiring is also done correctly as I would not want to void my house insurance if anything happened. Additionally, since my pumps are for me I KEEP THE MOTORS INSIDE. How can this be a pump if you dont have a motor. (guess a chevette will beat a corvette anyday if it don't have a motor). But everyone has a different beat. I was just pointing out that it is dangerous to generalize, and that we must keep an open mind as to budgets, availability of repro parts and finally personal preference.

#47550 - Wed Aug 21 2002 07:36 PM Re: Spray can and a globe restoration?
tjhvintage Offline
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Registered: Thu Feb 22 2001
Loc: Tacoma,Wash. USA
This is a topic that is sure to generate a lot of response!Are we talking about restorations,or customized pumps?If you are doing an accurate resto,you would have all the insides intact and rebuilt.That means the motor,pump,belts,etc.in working order,and the exterior finished in enamel.A few years ago there were several prominent restorers rebuilding pumps to ORIGINAL working condition.Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't recall seeing a pump at the local filling station swimming in a sea of base coat/clear with the insides removed.These punps are beautiful works of art but they are not restored.They have been customized.And thats great!And so is the original pump that someone put a globe and a couple signs on and stuck it in front of his garage!That's the beauty of this hobby.There are no judges or rules.Just do what pleases you,but most of all preserve as many pumps as you can and enjoy them any way you like!Tim Hansen(tjhvintage)

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#47551 - Wed Aug 21 2002 07:41 PM Re: Spray can and a globe restoration?
Jarvis Offline
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Registered: Wed Nov 01 2000
Loc: Evansville, In
Wow, How this thread keeps going. HA, HA I didn't mean to start something buy saying something about "spray bombing a pump is not a restoration." I have just seen some pumps that people have spray bombed or used some PIVCO paint tried to restore one as cheap as possible and said it was restored. Most of the "True Hobbyist" will do a nice job and be proud of the work they have done.
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#47552 - Wed Aug 21 2002 09:04 PM Re: Spray can and a globe restoration?
sooce Offline

Registered: Thu Dec 13 2001
Loc: lewiston, ME,USA
I guess that's what makes this a great country to live in. Freedom to do what you want. I love this hobby and I'm trying my best to do a great job on my pumps. I could do a quick job. But why?

#47553 - Wed Aug 21 2002 09:26 PM Re: Spray can and a globe restoration?
midway oil Offline
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Registered: Thu May 23 2002
Loc: Illinois
We all threw away the smog stuff on our '69 Mach 1's years ago. Now, to do a complete restoration and if you need to buy the smog pump, etc., it costs a LOT. Hopefully the gas pump hobby will not become this in the future. I gag on the smell of the rancid old pumping mechanism and pitch it the first thing. If we need that stuff someday, oh well. I'm still deep- sixing that stuff.


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