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#503638 - Tue Jan 07 2014 06:51 PM Re: The Matthews / Morphy Auction Changes [Re: Mike M.]
hotcidr Offline
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Registered: Fri Jul 27 2001
Loc: Carpinteria, Ca. USA
My last word on this. I've sold cars at Barrett Jackson, 10% consignor fee and 10% buyer fee. Dan charged these same percentages for a total of 20%, not bad. Once again, with the prices going through the roof this 20%, pretty much total profit, was not bad. This additional 8% is only hurting us, the buying public. A small increase of, say, 2% or 3% would not have caused this uproar and I for one would have excepted it and gone on but count me out on bidding unless someone else jumps into the auction business

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#503645 - Tue Jan 07 2014 07:46 PM Re: The Matthews / Morphy Auction Changes [Re: hotcidr]
s932 Offline
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Registered: Thu Jan 18 2007
Loc: cape girardeau. mo
Ray I just looked at Barrett Jackson's buyers premium and for automobila it's 15% and I would have to pay $500 just to have the right to bid. So if you look at it like that I would rather pay the 20% after I buy than pay $500 up front for a chance to buy.
Originals only for me. Always looking for Simpson oil, Super A, and MFA oil cans and globes.
Shawn Morris

#503698 - Tue Jan 07 2014 10:01 PM Re: The Matthews / Morphy Auction Changes [Re: s932]
Tankar Online   content
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Registered: Thu Oct 30 2008
Loc: MN United States
One thing to remember, At Barrett there are probably more billionaires there then anything so 500 is chump change to them. The time I was there some guy bought a Sinclair pump plate for 350 plus premium. I knew I was screwed for buying anything.

#503736 - Wed Jan 08 2014 07:09 AM Re: The Matthews / Morphy Auction Changes [Re: Tankar]
mdmike Offline
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Registered: Fri Jun 01 2007
Loc: Maryland, USA
After reading all of the comments made about Dan Matthews & Morphy's Auctions, I called and spoke to Dan Matthew yesterday. I told him that he was being strung up by the Old Gas lynch mob and that Morphy's was also being treated the same way. Dan indicated that very few people have called him and no one has called Morphy to discuss their concerns. Maybe it's me, but comparing the fees charged by Morphy's to Barrett Jackson's is like comparing apples to oranges. Most of the crowd who buy at the BJ auction are the lucky ones who don't have to worry about fees or what they spend. The BJ auction is an unrealistic event that most of the collectors may never be able to participate in.

No one auction company, swap meet or internet site forces a person to collect/sell, it's your choice as to where one participates. If you don't like the fees, call the auction company. When at a swap meet the same applies to an item for sale. If you can't come to an agreed price then just move on. No one is holding a gun to your head to make any purchase. Voice your concerns to Morphy's and we will see how it plays out.

Attending swap meets is a great way to buy/sell your items. Meeting other people in the hobby is good for information and making strong friendships.

Dan Matthew has been a great friend to me since his days at Aumann Auctions and I for one completely understand why he has merged with Morphy's, but bashing him for not making comments on this site is a no-win situation. No matter what he says will satisfy all who are questioning the fees being charged by the company he now works for. With Dan's knowledge, integrity and his contacts made over the last 17+ years, I feel that he will continue to bring items to auction that many have never seen or had the opportunity to purchase.

Keep in mind that YOU are the ONE who decides where & how much you will spend your collecting dollars.

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