Just wondering if anyone has parts available for a 1929 USACO Air Meter I'm in the process of bringing back to life. Here is a picture of the parts wanted/needed and a picture of what it looks like fully assembled from Jack Sims Air Meter Book.. I know I can make them all but hoping I can find originals. Ron Scobie provided the picture but does not make these replacement parts. Just stating so know one tells me to contact him. I've attached a few photo's.

Original Parts Needed:

1. 9" Bottom T-Bracket that the supporting rods bolt to.
2. Actual rods
3. Balance Spring
4. Possibly another T-Bracket that the rods attach to at the top end. Not sure about this part. I've seen several photos with no consistency. If it is a T-Bracket, I'm guessing it's smaller than the 9" bottom one.
5. air globe ....... i know this is a stretch.

again, i know i can make all of these parts. just looking for originals.

rods, spring & t-bracket.jpgair meter globe.jpg