I want to say thank you again to two great people here on the old gas page. First there was Gasman 84470 (Fred and Bev) they donated a 15" Associated Ethyl globe lens to the museum back in Dec. In fact they even delivered it to us. Thanks again.

Now I would like to thank Dave Richey for donating us a 15" painted globe body to use with the lens. They have made it possible to ad another display to our Early West Jordan Gas stations display. Thanks Davey for taking the time to contact us and shipping the globe lens holder.
You have some great people on this site.

Maybe one day we will be able to get another Associated Ethyl lens to complete the globe. Now we just need a three S shaped wall sconces and I can get the ones I have up on the wall and lit. Thanks again for all your help and advice. Have a great 2015. WJCurator