Speed racer, you mention if there are any special wheels you can use for this. There definitely is. My first thought would be to use a scotchbright wheel. It's one of the most handy things I have in the shop, use it all the time. Just attaches to your bench grinder like any other wheel but has a lot of cutting power. Lots of varieties out there, but the one I have is dense grey color if that's helpful. I know it'll work on your application as I've done the very part your doing before. Easier than a dremel or roto zip. (Hate hate those tools) The wheel will leave a semi rough finish that will require additional sanding or buffing with less agressive wheels.

Sometimes with pot metal you just keep finding more holes but I think you'll be good. If you want to seal it with something after polishing I've had some luck with power sealer by wizard, although I can't attest to long term results.

Once you realize how handy these scotchbrite wheels are, you end up spending considerably less time using the sandblasting cabinet or DA sander.

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