Just a note to let you all know that the Mason Dixon Gas Show was a huge seccess at it's new home in Frederick, Md. We set up on Friday starting at 10 A.M. and as always....items began changing hands. On Saturday morning, we personally opened up at 5 A.M. and had lookers already! It was cold and windy but the crowds were still out. As it happened, there was a Country Store type auction in the next pavillion at the fair grounds that we now use. That being the case, it allowed a lot of new folks the chance to see our "unique antiques". There was a lot of excitement on the new peoples' part. I think we might have picked up several new hobbyist. I heard the same old things said...." never knew anyone collected this stuff" and "this stuff is sooooo Kool!!!" After all the hard work of Keith Elza and his guys who defy the norm and impose "NO EARLY SELLING RULES" on us. I'd like to just say Thanks....it's always a "HOOT" to see all these guys and and the great things that are dragged in for sale. Paul