I have the first edition (2012) of the Gas Globe Guide CD available. It is in "as new" condition, and comes in the original case. This searchable CD has color photos of about 5,200 gas globes, including a rarity guide, original globe body type, and value information that was current at the time of publication.

There is also gas and oil company history shown for many hundreds of brands. There is just a ton of info on this CD. As I mentioned, the CD is searchable. Let's say you are considering a White Flash globe, and you didn't know this was an Atlantic brand. You can just type "White Flash" in the CD search box, and it will take you right to the White Flash globes in the Atlantic section.

The second edition (2016) of this CD is now out, and does include even more globes that have been "found" since 2012. However, this 2012 CD should still be a valuable resource for someone just getting interested in gas globes, or for the more general gas/oil collector. I've tried to price this CD accordingly.

The price is just $23, plus $5 for U.S.P.S. Media Mail shipping in a protective box. Thanks for looking. John