Price is per can delivered to Peotone...shipping extra.

Ford Body Polish some wear $175
Texaco Cup Grease $150
CP Penn $75 (no lid sm hole in top edge)
Aetna $275 empty wrinkles wear
Gem empty $65 scratch from E in Gem to side
Tulane no top $275 light wear
Sinclair DTR EMPTY Metal $150
Power Loaded Some Denting on Front not bad
Richlube wear on bottom empty $40
Minuteman Composite $65
Marathon no lid some wear $50
Triple A Loaded Sticker Residue/scuffs $85
Viscoyl Loaded light wear (small scratches) $OLD
Penn Seal Loaded $60 few dents

Questions/Offers send PM...I can provide additional pictures to interested parties...

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Wanted: Husky Cans/Signs, Interesting Pump Plates and NC Road Signage