My fellow collectors:

Dwaine and I would like to thank you for you’re support in helping us make some really rare logos on West Coast production Globe lenses.

We are trying to get these images into circulation at a reasonable price. Our first globe is the Norwalk Streamline (PREMIUM) logo at $125.00 per set. We said it, we'll do it. We can already see that any future lenses will be at a higher rate to be determined by our costs of the first one.

Our price will be competitive with the market even though these are on a limited production with up to 6-colors & the finest workmanship available on today’s market. With each set of lenses will be a free T-shirt with that logo on it a 20.00 value for free.

Sorry these Norwalk Streamline Premium lens will not be ready for the April Dixie Gas Bash as we had hoped, but Dwaine & I still plan on going but with out the lens………

T-Way's Graphic trade mark logo will appear on all globe lens as his company owns the art work, The Globe lens and Decal image will appear on Dwaine has 119 rare logo images lined up for globe lens production, & Dwaine says," Hold on, you pump ….. Builders".

We are working on 5 new killer globes for this year that we think & hope will knock your socks off, so have fun and, like the little guy says, enjoy yourself and Help the Hobby.


Check for sale and trade to see the globe image.