I do not share pieces of my collection too often, but felt the community might like to see these.

Big fan of rarer paper emphemera, especially maps - shown are 5 maps (the big one I believe to be from late teens to 20s and doubles as a chart of some sort, most likely the proper oil to use for each type of French vehicle) and one poster. Eerily enough, one of the two Hamburg maps has an image of a zeppelin with the Nazi flag attached to its rear fin while the other displays one of our notable zeppelins, the U.S.S. Macon. Personally, I find it amazing anything survived from pre-1940s Germany.

Please enjoy the picture and if anyone would like to see the maps closer up and unfolded, let me know.

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Looking for European Shell, Veedol, Standard, Vacuum, Michelin and Sinclair ephemera/cans/signage