NOS from the late 1980's (I think, based on other NOS signs from the 80's found with this stash at a old Valvoline shop) This one was in a sealed box. As you see it had a few scuffs straight out of the box. Some yellowing discoloration can be expected, mainly to the edges. 55" x 48" Made to hang inside on a wall. Have had mine facing the sun for a year with no fading, yet. Not made for a light box.

These were in storage and the boxes got wet so some have original boxes (with staining), plastic and instructions. Some don't have original boxes etc.

Think I have about 6 boxed and 4 loose. The boxed have broken seals.

$60 each if picked up (CA) 93306
If in CA. I can get one to you for around $100 shipped.
$200 each shipped elsewhere.

Collect- Old Bakersfield CA. fence signs, Porcelain Dairy/Soda crate tags and shopping cart signs.