This is a 1940's Cities Service Koolmotor Oil sign that I'll have at Iowa Gas. It is a painted tin, embossed sign, wrapped on a wood frame. It is an impactful display size, measuring 58”” wide by 28”” high.

This all-original sign is NOS, but it does have a few minor scrapes and marks here and there, from being in storage for over 60 years at the bulk plant. There are no dents, and the color is very good.

Has great old car and old truck graphics, plus the Cities Service oil can. This sign has some unevenness in the shade of the cream-colored background (a function of the storage at the bulk plant). Overall, this is a very nice sign. I don’’t mean to talk it down, but I try to point out anything that I see. The sign is coded G-119, and dates to 1947-1948.

I believe this is a Cities Service sign a guy will never need to "upgrade". The price is $1,995.

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