I'll have this item at Iowa Gas, which would be the way to save on the shipping costs...or I'll also be happy to ship.

This is ideal for the Old Gas guy that has a lot of signs to display. I have 115 feet of quality, bright-plated chain for sale. It is well-suited for hanging many gas, oil, and auto signs. This is a well-made #14 single-jack chain that is rated for 30 lbs. So, I wouldn't use it for larger neons with transformers inside.

This chain is heavier and high quality, having been produced in Japan about 30 years ago. The plating is quite a bit brighter than it looks in the photos. When I checked at the hardware store today, this vintage #14 chain looks as heavy as the #12 single-jack chain being made today.

I want to sell the remaining 115 feet left on the spool to one buyer. The price is just $50, plus shipping, if needed.

002 (600x443).jpg015 (600x312).jpg
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