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#692274 - Thu Aug 10 2017 10:22 PM Re: IOWA GAS SCHEDULE SURVEY [Re: Mike M.]
keithia Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Fri Dec 14 2001
Loc: USA
My opinion only. Vendor set up starts at noon on Thursday. Friday AM show starts with all day vending and room to room, Saturday AM vending and then have the auction start at noon or 1:00. Vending is usually done by noon on the second day so people can do final shopping in the AM and then go to the auction.
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#692431 - Sun Aug 13 2017 09:30 AM Re: IOWA GAS SCHEDULE SURVEY [Re: Mike M.]
nebrgas Offline
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Mon Dec 18 2006
Loc: Nebraska
I have attended IG as a non-vendor since 1995 and have always left a fair amount of cash with vendors, so guess I would be classified as "foot traffic".

This was the first year that there was absolutely nothing in the auction lineup that interested me, and the fact that the auction company allowed repros was insulting to me and the promoters apparently allowed the "tail to wag the dog". I headed home Wed noon.

I plan to become a vendor when it comes time to pass my collection on to others-I just hope Iowa Gas is still going when that time comes. It would seem that the promoters are more interested in the monetary benefits to themselves rather than listening to the voices of the people that have made it successful for so many years.


#692466 - Sun Aug 13 2017 09:32 PM Re: IOWA GAS SCHEDULE SURVEY [Re: Mike M.]
Craig Osbeck Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Tue Jan 06 2009
Loc: Portland Oregon
Right on the money there Dave.

#692485 - Sun Aug 13 2017 10:00 PM Re: IOWA GAS SCHEDULE SURVEY [Re: keithia]
Gas Pump Rob Offline
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Registered: Sun Mar 10 2002
Loc: California
Originally Posted By keithia
My opinion only. Vendor set up starts at noon on Thursday. Friday AM show starts with all day vending and room to room, Saturday AM vending and then have the auction start at noon or 1:00. Vending is usually done by noon on the second day so people can do final shopping in the AM and then go to the auction.
. This is what I vote for 100 percent!


#692514 - Mon Aug 14 2017 08:24 AM Re: IOWA GAS SCHEDULE SURVEY [Re: Mike M.]
BryceG Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Mon Jan 28 2013
Loc: Peoria, IL
^^^Me Too! same schedule as CTO... which I dont think anyone has any complaints about.
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#692543 - Mon Aug 14 2017 02:51 PM Re: IOWA GAS SCHEDULE SURVEY [Re: BryceG]
Speedracer Online   content
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Sat Feb 08 2014
Loc: Michigan, USA (near Chesterfie...
Originally Posted By BryceG
still dont understand why Weds-Fri is the only option. nearly every other show on earth uses the weekend for at least one day... Thurs-Sat or Fri-Sun.

2 days off work = feasible
3 days off work = not worth it

I would love if Iowa did similar as CTO... Thurs-Sat with auction Saturday around 10am-Noon.

I agree with Bryce 100%. They should copy the CTO schedule, and don't let anyone set up until Thursday afternoon, period. That gives you Thursday to sell (mostly selling to each other). Then Friday and Saturday you start to see large crowds. And then Saturday afternoon or Sunday is a good drive day.

We are not the only ones collecting this stuff, you must cater to the car guy or collector that works M-F, and can only get to the show Friday afternoon or Saturday. We could attract a lot more people, and sell more, this way, if you include the weekend There are a lot of younger people collecting this stuff, not everyone is retired. And to say this show is Wednesday to Friday is sort of a joke. It starts more like on Tuesday, or some would even say Monday. So when Joe-car-guy, who wants to get some signs for his garage gets there Friday, everyone is gone. Nor does Joe-car-guy want to take a day off, or head out on a weeknight.

Also, it is very easy to get free advertisement. Call the local news or radio station and invite them out on the very first day (Thursday). Therefore people will see it on the news and make it a point to go Friday or Saturday (if they opt to come out, but they usually like local 'what's going on around town' stories and will come out to do a bit).

And if there is an auction, have it Saturday at 1:00 or 2:00.

Just my 2 cents

Edited by Speedracer (Mon Aug 14 2017 02:53 PM)
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#692603 - Tue Aug 15 2017 01:10 PM Re: IOWA GAS SCHEDULE SURVEY [Re: BryceG]
Ryan Underthun Offline

Registered: Thu Nov 07 2002
Loc: Duluth, MN U.S.A
Originally Posted By BryceG
^^^Me Too! same schedule as CTO... which I dont think anyone has any complaints about.

Better yet, just go to CTO! I can tell you that the new owners of that show really do care about their customers.

Edited by Ryan Underthun (Tue Aug 15 2017 01:11 PM)
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#692605 - Tue Aug 15 2017 04:17 PM Re: IOWA GAS SCHEDULE SURVEY [Re: Mike M.]
Done4 Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Mon May 07 2012
Loc: Michigan, Union Pier
This has been a problem for years and one of the reasons many have stopped going. It's really hard for the promoters to control unlike some other shows. But if it was Friday afternoon set up Saturday show/auction leave Sunday I think I would play.

Edited by Done4 (Tue Aug 15 2017 04:18 PM)
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#692620 - Wed Aug 16 2017 04:06 AM Re: IOWA GAS SCHEDULE SURVEY [Re: Mike M.]
Jack Sim Online   content
Veteran Member

Registered: Fri Nov 10 2000
Loc: St. Louis, MO, USA
Here I am back again.

I was at IG this year as early as Monday just because I wanted a handicapped space as close to the front door as possible.
Me, no vending outside, just a few things on the bed, mostly for guys who had asked me to bring items with me. Didn't care about the auction other than what I said above, 1/2 on Wednesday, 1/2 Thursday.

No real problems about the entire show, every thing seemed to slide along smoothly. The weather was great, yes a little hot, but nothing like it usually is in Iowa.

Now....If the promoters tell us the set up is Tuesday, well, I saw many trucks on the lot on Monday. The big outside area was already blocked off, but it was opened for anyone who wanted to get to their spots. I have no idea what they did as for selling something or if, did they tell everyone, "I cannot sell anything until tomorrow?"

That is just what every swap meet is about and we cannot do anything about it. Years ago I pulled in to Carlisle on the Monday of a week long event, I spotted a air meter (my specialty) and I purchased it. He didn't say wait to the event is "officially started." If you have a chance to sell anything you have, regardless of what day it is, "it is sold."

The same problems we are discussing about above are the same things we have brought up for years "the show lasts through Friday, but I cannot get to the meet until....."

I missed a few IG meets over the last few years, but I did attend the second one and over 25 ones after that.

I am sure there a few guys who complained back in the early 1990's that most of the vendors were gone when they got there, but, can we ask those same buyers "did you not learn how you needed to get to the meet sooner?" Most of us old guys soon learned when to be there to get the best buys.

In the early 1990s we got there on the day it started and we left when we felt it was not worth another night at a motel.

There were guys who complained no one was there on the last day. The next year those who came late the previous year came early, but again there were those who came on the last day, and again the next year they came earlier. This is how we learn.

If you were to ask guys about their first trips to IG, I believe many would tell you they came late an no one was there. But they learned. First, find items to sell, second get there early, be prepared to be there for a couple of days.

I really wish I didn't have to say this, but these shows (CTO, IG) have become nothing like what we were accustomed to back in the 1990s. Back in the 1990s my tables were full of gas pump parts and maybe a globe, today the tables are filled with signs and globes selling for (let me say high dollars). Today, don't look for gas pump parts "ASK." Years ago we usually had to ask about a pump part, now pump parts are to be found on tables of guys who specialize on selling gas pump parts. Now table are filled with high dollar globes and signs.

Again, what is all of the above about? It is about your first trip to a large show like OG and CTO. You will probably be disappointed, mainly because you came late and you found that the prices of the signs and globes are way beyond your present reach. But, you need to start somewhere. Start planning now, get the days off you need to attend these shows for more than a few days, save every penny over the year so that you have some money to purchase that one item you found. Now that you have learned what we are selling and buying, start looking for these things. The next year, sell anything you want to get rid of by putting it on the bed of the room you are using.
By now, you should have gained this certain mentality of buying and selling. If you have learned how to find and buy things and bring them to the next show. Donn't expect to make money, just hope to cover your expenses. Use a trip to IG or CTO to learn what is selling and what things are selling for.
This hobby has expanded so much since the early 1990s even us old timers need to look and realize where this hobby is going.

Start learning now, but do not stop.

Jack Sim

Edited by Jack Sim (Wed Aug 16 2017 04:23 AM)
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#692625 - Wed Aug 16 2017 07:17 AM Re: IOWA GAS SCHEDULE SURVEY [Re: Mike M.]
Cold Pizza Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Tue May 17 2005
Loc: Illinois
All good points Jack.
Overall I think the problem is Iowa Gas has lost touch,doesn't have very good direction or know what it wants to be.It's hard to plan ahead when each year seems to deviate from the prior.
What day will it advertise it starts on vs. what day will vendors really be selling?
The fact that it's well known for authentic auction was sprinkled with reproduction items,sure didn't help it's overall cause.
Because of these points,it's understandable why new comers,and now even seasoned veterans are more & more absent.
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#694137 - Sun Sep 10 2017 10:13 AM Re: IOWA GAS SCHEDULE SURVEY [Re: Mike M.]
Mike M. Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Tue Jan 31 2012
Loc: Western, WI.
Scott Benjamin just posted in PCM Magazine...

"I just got word of next years schedule of events. Here we go: Iowa Gas 2018, August 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Swap Meet Wednesday and Thursday only! Friday is the auction!

Always Looking for any Pure Oil and Sunoco Items.

#694239 - Mon Sep 11 2017 11:06 AM Re: IOWA GAS SCHEDULE SURVEY [Re: Mike M.]
Jolly-John Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Tue Jul 10 2007
Loc: Plover, Wisconsin, U.S.A.
Thanks for sharing, Mike. It's wonderful news that the auction isn't during the swap meet selling time (Wednesday and Thursday). Hopefully, swap meet set-up time is still sometime on Tuesday. John

#694394 - Wed Sep 13 2017 03:39 PM Re: IOWA GAS SCHEDULE SURVEY [Re: Mike M.]
Badlands Offline

Registered: Wed Apr 01 2015
Loc: SW North Dakota
I first went to IG in 2010, and the auction was 9:00 on Friday I believe.. I never REALLY understood the time change.. My buddy Jeff and thought maybe we had "missed a few treasures." then already, a few years later, I arrived on Monday afternoon thinking I'd have plenty time to relax and settle in, only to find an anthill of activity at 6:00 am Tuesday, and a FULL BLOWN event by Tuesday noon!! I am for the auction AT THE end of the event. It would be nice to have a strict schedule as I drive well over 800 miles and shut my business down for the time I am gone..

#694409 - Wed Sep 13 2017 07:39 PM Re: IOWA GAS SCHEDULE SURVEY [Re: Mike M.]
Cold Pizza Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Tue May 17 2005
Loc: Illinois
I specifically recall about 10 years ago,someone from this site telling me,"too bad",when I complained about how this show was run and how unfair it was to those of us who have to travel a long distance and ask for time off as well.
I won't divulge his name,or go into all that was said,but his bullet point was,"If you're not retired,then you have no business coming to this show".
I still have his email.
Collecting Vintage Sunoco

#694423 - Wed Sep 13 2017 09:02 PM Re: IOWA GAS SCHEDULE SURVEY [Re: Mike M.]
Goober's Station Offline
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Wed Jan 25 2012
Loc: Louisville, Ohio
I saw more traffic at our local flea market than on Wednesday this year, thank God they did something to fix it. 12 hour drive for nothing.

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