Second post, long time forum addict.

I work at a gas station here in seaside Oregon.
We have old.... busted... bubble gum and duct tape pumps that barely work.

we have 2 separate (three if you count diesel)unleaded fuel systems.

The south pump has 2 448 pumps, one for regular, one for super. The north pump has 2 448 pumps, one for regular, one for super.

The north regular pump, many years ago before I worked here, started dripping fuel from the air eliminator vent. Some random tech simply plugged the vent using a brass plug. This kind of fixed the problem. However we had to "purge" the air eliminator chamber manually with a wrench from time to time. This process has been "how things go around here" since I started. Well it started to become more frequent that we had to "burp" that one pump. Recently it has been shuddering, shaking, making a lot of noise, surging, and slowing to a crawl while dispensing fuel.

I took it upon myself to reconnect the vent to the air eliminator system. This kind of worked, however fuel started to drip from the purge valve. Now.... If the South unleaded is running, and the north unleaded is not. For some reason the north purge line begins to boil over and fuel will pour out of the breather line.

This is my question in not so many words.... Is my pump effed? Is it some pressure relief valve that's messed up ?
Is some spring stuck on the inside of my pump?

I'm losing money every day its down, and cant really afford, or find, a tech to come and just throw parts at it all day.

Thank you for your help, and thank you for reading my long and confusing post.