FREE DELIVERY TO IOWA GAS. If you have a number of gas, oil and auto signs to hang, OR a bunch of overhead lights to install in your shop or mancave, this never-used, bright-bright plated chain would be quite a bargain. This is a spool of 110 feet of #14 single jack chain. It was produced back in the day, before all the made-in-China stuff. It actually looks like the #10 chain being sold today, in terms of weight and size.

I see this chain being priced anywhere from $.60 to $1.00 a foot online and in stores (plus the sales tax).

My price for the entire spool of 110' of this never-used chain is just $50 (which comes out to $.45 a foot). I'm happy to ship, or can deliver the spool to IOWA GAS, free of charge. John

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