This machine is in unrestored condition. It was repainted once while it was in service and the decals updated to the then in use "Enjoy Coke" slogan. I have the shelves. I removed them to get a better photo of the inside and then forgot to put them back in. I also have the key. I plugged in it and it works great. It cooled down to 36 degrees in a short time. I have video of it running but no way to post it here. It does have some dents on the back. They extend into the top and sides along the back edge. If you were going to restore it, it would not be a difficult repair once the insides of the machine are removed allowing easy access the panels from the backside. I have not tested the coin mechanism or if you can pull a bottle out but can if you desire. It will need a new cord, gaskets and the coin door trim which is peeled back. The inner piece of plexiglass on the door that opens to access the bottles is cracked. This is a very poplar machine and these parts are available new from online vendors. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. I am open to taking the machine to a shipper within a reasonable distance but will not build a pallet for it. Located in NE Alabama. $1200.

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