For sale, all the extra Avsco gas pump coin banks I have accumulated. An instant collection!!!! Twelve banks in all.
First photo all have hoses and nozzles: Esso (tip of nozzle missing), Phillips 66, Shell Premium. Standard Red Crown and Texaco Sky Chief.
Second photo reverse side of first photo. Shell bank is from Rhinehart Loop Shell in Cedar Rapids Iowa, Texaco is from Carlos Leffler in Richland, Penna.
Third photo all missing hoses and nozzles, last two missing bottoms: Conoco Super, Gulf, Mobilgas, Richfield Ethyl, Sinclair, Esso and Mobilgas Special.
Fourth photo reverse side of third photo. Gulf bank is from Mar-G Gulf 2397 Flatbush Ave. Cor. Ave T (no city listed)
All 12 banks for $300. Shipping included. Continental US only. PayPal, you pay fees or USPS money order.

For Sale 073120 a.jpgFor Sale 073120 b.jpgFor Sale 073120 c.jpgFor Sale 073120 d.jpg

Regards, Jim

I collect gas pump salt and pepper shakers
and the plastic coin banks both made by AVSCO.