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#80113 - Thu Jul 22 2004 07:07 PM "Lost" treasure
1PetroFan Offline
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Sun Jul 18 2004
Loc: Bunker Hill, WV,USA
Hi. I am new to OLDGAS - and collecting Petro, and I am loving this website ! I wanted to tell you what happened to me last week. I knew of a farm in northern Va. that had at least 50 old pumps - primarly Bennets with Sinclair logos and Eries with GULF logos. I tried to buy the whole lot last spring - but they wanted to have an estate sale the same year. No sale ever happened. I contacted them twice this spring - same deal - they wanted to have a sale. I went down again last week - the family had paid a junk hauler to take them to the local wreckage yard ! I found the guy who hauled them away, who confirmed that he had hauled then to the scrap processer - and they were crushed the next day. I wanted to buy - and they paid to haul them away ! They still kept three 6' HC and two 6' Dino Sinclair signs and I saw at least one airmeter for the "sale", if that ever happens. Anyway, I feel better telling my story, and I am thrilled to be part of this website. Thanks, Brady Bowles

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#80114 - Thu Jul 22 2004 07:40 PM Re: "Lost" treasure
wads Offline
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Fri Dec 05 2003
Loc: Illinois
Hi Brady and welcome to the site. Ouch!!! that story hurts, I can imagine how you felt. I think I would make another trip down the road with cash in hand before they call the scrap dealer again. Just thinking, maybe that scrap dealer was one of the guys on this site, these guys are always coming up with great stories. Don't be surprised if those pumps turn up for sale here!!!! Just kidding, LOL.
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#80115 - Thu Jul 22 2004 07:42 PM Re: "Lost" treasure
Sinclair Joe Offline
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Mon Nov 04 2002
Loc: Northwest, PA USA
What a sad story...and crushing Sinclair pumps no less! Anyway, welcome aboard and I wish you better news for the future...
Sinclair Joe

#80116 - Thu Jul 22 2004 10:12 PM Re: "Lost" treasure
Dick Bennett Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Wed Oct 25 2000
Loc: Santa Paula, Calif
Been there, seen it.
18-20 years ago, a local Mobil distrubitor had approx. 75-100 M&S 80's. I tried to buy the script top pumps.
"Not for sale, I use them on ranches that use my fuel".
I went by a couple weeks LATER, ALL GONE. I went in and asked where the pumps were moved to.
"We got a large order of 55gal drums in, and had to make room for them. We called the local scrap dealer to haul them off"
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#80117 - Thu Jul 22 2004 10:46 PM Re: "Lost" treasure
gatorgaspumps Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Mon Jun 07 2004
Loc: Walla Walla, WA USA
Hi Brady welcome to the site. The local scrap yards is where I first started hauling in pumps, they now set them aside for me. I check with them about every month. I pay them a good price but still way below what they are worth, and anytime I have scap I give it to them. Good luck Richard

#80118 - Fri Jul 23 2004 09:00 PM Re: "Lost" treasure
Gas Pump Rob Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Sun Mar 10 2002
Loc: California
What a shame. Some people are funny in their way of thinking. Sometimes people just don't make any sence at all. Don't give up the hunt, there are more to be found.



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