Some of you may remember near the end of December, I posted up a pic. on an old Chevy oiler looking for any information on it that might be known. It was an instant hit with collectors and little did I know how rare it really was. Keith Elza and his son were very helpful with a picture and article from an old Chevy manual from the 30's. Keith is a major collector of GM memmorabilia and offered some items to trade. The both of us were very happy with our new aquisitions. We recently met up at the Mason Dixon show and Keith had this wonderful photo of the oiler with a Chevy neon sign in the background. So my wife snapped a group photo of Keith, his sons and myself with the image of the oiler in hand. I received a great globe in the trade which is one of my prized itmes in my collection. It's one of those stories in life you will remember and tell over and over again. A big thanks to the Elza's, a great family and devoted to the hobby. Mason Dixon is their baby and hats off for a great show! Dave

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