I had something planned for ROTM, but it will have to wait until next month. I need volunteers for ROTM. If you are restoring anything petro related and want to show a technique or a whole restoration, just take some digital photos and email me your technique and I will put it all together for you. Don't be afraid to show us your work and your great ideas. This is a great way to teach others new techiques and learn various ways to complete a restration. It inspires others to complete their restorations and this really does help the hobby. So please help out and show us your restorations. Sign up here or email me at jason@galtsmiles.com Thanks for you help. ~Jason


6 ft signs & rare pump plates Signal, Hancock, Mohawk, Polly, Flying A, Douglas, Richfield, PDQ, Stinker, Beeline, Neon , Dealership.