Hey Everybody,

I gotta question for those of you who are familiar with these two pumps. What is the difference between these two pumps? We have 4 of the 61's restored and I just ran accross a 71 sitting in a guys yard this weekend. The only three differences that I can see is that the 61 has a solid jar lid with light arms and does not have a valve for the hose to connect into. The 71 has no light arms (not even holes for light arms), a 6 inch square glass in the jar lid, and has a release valve for the hose to connect into, are these the only thing that sepperates these two pumps? Those are the only differences as far as I can tell.

Thanks for the help in advance!!

TN Volunteer

PS Anybody out there have a Butler 41 for sale or trade by any chance?

PSS Also need an original handle for Butler 61/71 and two skins, any help?

Email pontiac_chieftan@yahoo.com