Signal oil and gas company 1922 until 1965.

Wanted to start this off with a picture of my favorite pump done up in my favorite company. I chose Signal not only because I like the graphics associated with the company but in my father's lifetime of operating gas stations this was one of them. His Signal station was located in St. Helena CA. right after WW II.
The colors on this pump are not the original Siganl colors to the best of my knowledge. The pumps color were like the the pump pictured below.

Now on with the story. I will try to do this in four segments. First week 1922 to 1931 posting signs and pumps along with pictures from that era. Second 1931 to 1947 with oil and grease containers. Third 1947 to 1965 with maps and paper products and last everything else and where the company went from 1965 to present.
I want to have all members that have signal items or information to post along with me.
I am not an expert by any means and all the help I can get will be appreciated.

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