The system for eBay affiliates like will change drastically on October 1. They are changing from paying for a bid, win or not, to paying only for winning bids. It has mostly been a steady stream of little commissions from eBay that has kept the expense bills paid for the last couple of years. They have increased the commission, but only pay if the winning bidder first visited the auction page from an eBay search box or a "Right Now on eBay" link listing that appears on

I'm concerned that the income stream that has been so dependable is now an unknown quantity. This may turn out to equal or exceed income from the old system, but we'll need the support of Oldgas enthusiasts to make it work.

The system works like this:
* If you have an eBay auction number from a posted Shop Talk topic or other source, copy and paste it into the eBay search form at the bottom (or top) of Shop Talk pages. Several words from the auction title work well in the search box also.

* Click on the "Auctions" link at the very top of most Shop Talk pages. This brings you to a page with links to auctions closing soon on eBay. These lists are filtered by Oldgas to leave out lots of junk.

* Browse eBay by searching from one of the eBay search boxes on pages.

* Registrations of new eBay users from one of our links also earns us a commission. If your wife, kid or friend want to open an eBay user account of their own, have them first click on an eBay search box on Oldgas before they register. New registrations must be active bidders for over a month to qualify for a commission.

A "cookie" will record your visit to eBay started from a link on If you bid on the item during the next week and win, gets a commission. does not get any commission from links to eBay that are posted within Shop Talk messages. Posting only auction numbers in messages promotes the use of the search box to access the auction that is being discussed.

Even if our eBay commission income goes down, I sincerely thank all of you who have taken the extra effort to copy and paste numbers and words into the search boxes and have used the "Right Now on eBay" links we provide.

It takes several small income sources to "keep the lights on" here on The eBay commissions have been most important. Our other income comes from direct book sales on our site, Google ads, banner ads and sales. Your support of these has eased my struggle to keep everything working.

Jim "Oldgas" Potts
Your host and moderator

Jim "Oldgas" Potts
Your host and moderator