I actually have a question to your question! I own a McCaskry safe register and have only found out that the co. is out of business. If I may ask were you able to get any info on your register that might help me? I have a no. which I will assume is the serial no. Thanks!
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I own a McCaskey cash register/adding machine. The McCaskey Register Company in Alliance, Ohio manufactured it prior to acquisition by Victor and later Comptometer. It was used in an auto repair shop from the 1930's to the 1950's. I can only assume it is from this era. I found a 1944-penny that was jammed between the cash drawer and case when I was cleaning it up. My father was a friend with the garage owner. It has been in storage since 1976. It is a huge heavy monster in a black steel case. The "shoe box" measures 20"x15.5"x14" (9" tall at punch keys) and weighs 65 pounds. The case surface is not smooth, and is rough to the touch. The adding mechanisms work and the hardened plastic cash drawer opens when the handle is pulled. The bell is not currently working when the drawer kicks open. It rang in the recent past and probably needs adjusting. It has 11 compartments with 4 bill sections and bill weights. It uses a black/red ribbon and prints on spooled paper. It also has a cash/credit totalizer. Two feet are missing. Its serial number is 78593ER and it lists two patent numbers, 2,276,442 and 2,276,464. There is no manufacture date. Does anyone know what value this machine has? Where can I chase down its serial number? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.