I got this email today.

Question from skaubraatmyra

I recently placed a bid on item #5590717206 being a wheelchair for me that i really need do to my age (78 years old) and it seems that i can not find the auction anymore...May i please know if you are the seller of the item above?


The tricky part was that the email looks completely legit with all the correct links and ebay logos except one link that reads "Respond to this question in My Messages." You click on it thinking you will be going to "my messages" and it takes you to a sign-in page exactly like the one you sign into to get into your ebay account. However, it's not really ebay and as soon as you enter your username and password, it takes you to a page that says it was "unable to redirect" I didn't type in my real password because I knew it was a scam, but I wanted to see what happened if I typed in a password that sent a message to the folks who do this kind of stuff.

Anyway, be careful and never go into ebay from a link in your email. I emailed this to spoof@ebay.com.



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