Good Morning Everyone,
I was checking my email last night and had an Ebay message saying that they were confirming my listing of a Suzuki motorcycle. It was dated yesterday, but showed that the auction started 8/21.I also had another message that was a question from an Ebay member regarding a Harley, asking how many hours left? Of course both messages required an Ebay log-in.
I have had my account hijacked before and bogus "Buy It Now" auctions run. I immediately went in and changed my password and am going to watch my sellers account.
We all probably get a little lax at our security measures. Remember,Ebay suggests you change your password on a regular basis.
With all the spyware software out here these
days,we should always be on guard.
Also,remember-If it looks suspicious-Don't
log-in,reply,etc. Report it to Ebay!
Have A Good Day Eveyone,
Pat Anderton

Looking for early Pure Oil Company items(Energee,Detonox,Puritan)as well as any Woco Pep items.

Looking for graphic quart cans for my collection.