Chatted with seller today and the story is getting more interesting as we go.Turns out he bought a place from an old dude who worked for Tokheim, In and on the sheds were all the signs that he was selling many of which were legit.What makes the story a little stranger is that this one along with a dozen or so others(that's just the #1's)there's also that many #2's were wrapped up in newspaper in the building. I also got a chance to speak to Butch Greer today and the reason he didn't bid as high as the dumb *** that won(that would be me) is that he smelled something funny as well and didn't want to go any higher.These signs appear to have the correct split grommets have fairly close to the same colors as my originals but definately feel thinner and look too good.Anyway, Will continue to update as we go along as the seller is motivated to sell all the rest which will likely dupe others,of course provided they are in fact repo's and if not they will at least affect the overall market.