I've been buying Oil cans off E-Bay for some time now with little or no change in shipping prices up untill about the first of the year, Thats when the shipping cost that some of these sellers are asking went through the roof . a Can from Canada normally would be 6.50 to ship to Michigan , Now from the same part of Canada the seller now wants 22.80 thats robbery , its not limited to one seller or one country either ,an empty can from a Texas seller is 18.25 , How Can Dick Bennett ship me a can for 5.00 Thats from California to Michigan and an empty quart from Taxas is 18.25 Give me a break , most of the cans that I'm looking at have shipping cost well over 12.00 for an empty can .and don't tell me it's handling Because these cans are not coming in new boxes with bubble wrap , there coming in Junk boxes that have been through the mail at least 25 times and there wraped in newspaper. I picked up 4 cans on a Trip into Canada last week and if you figure in what I payed in Gas and the cost of the Ferry ride over I still made out better than if I had bought them off ebay from some seller that wants to squeeze me for more money. I'm just about ready to call ebay quits . The best one was when I contacted a seller and asked if he could give me a break on the shipping price of 16.00 if I bought 3 of his cans He said no its 16.00 per can no matter how many I buy. well I've Vented enough sorry for Yelling

Chris Holt