There have been some repo 30 inch Phillips 66 Ethyl badge signs floating around. One just sold on ebay for over $1500.00. Beware of these signs as they are not dated or marked as repos. They are the exact same size as originals and feel the same, weight wise. An easy way to tell repos is that the bottom is rounded where originals are pointed. Repos also have some backshading in Ethyl Corporation New York USA and originals do not. Orange color is not as bright and has fisheyes in it. The big giveaway on the repos is the lower black border is not even, making it look like a poor masking job. On the originals the black border is the same width with clean, even lines. The upper 2 holes on repos do not have grommets and have lines where they hung with wire to spray - originals have grommets and no lines. Please feel free to email me with any questions or for pictures. I have an original and a couple of pics of a repo sign that I might be able to draw in on details. Ask lots of questions before you buy one of these without seeing. Russ

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