Gentlemen, I stand in awe of your knowledge and your cander. I can happily admit I've been fooled (though I think that I will follow up on the advise about checked back with the thw dealer). I look at this as a learning lesson and come out all the wiser for it. I started this hobby about 4 years ago and I have learned much through simple caution and asking lots of questions. has been a wonderful tool for I know noone in my area to learn from or confer with. To know I have a fake takes the question out of my mind and I can deal with that. I nice to know there are still honest good people out there and that "Fabulous Fake" can information will become part of my "lessons to be lerned" folder......I must admit they are beautiful works of art! I always get that skip in my heart when it first pops up on the screen when I look into them. I look forward to more useful debates in the future.
Humbly speaking, David (Lordparaffin) Bartlett

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