Being new to this board, maybe this thread has run before. Anyways, after reading all the posts about values put on globes & petro stuff, I began to think about how I got started into collecting & what is priceless to me. About 35 years ago a neighbor farmer was about to junk a 5 gal Fry which was very complete. At that time I had never seen a visible pump. It fascinated me. He told me I could have it for the taking. That was my very first pump. I restored it completely. Then 20 years later when he was selling the farm and cleaning out some sheds, he gave me a call on New Years day & asked if I wanted something else to go with the pump. I went to his place & he had the original globe that came with it. The globe was put in an old "summer kitchen" building and junk got piled on top of it. It turned out to have one perfect lens & one cracked one. The globe was found under a pile of steel plow shares! Anyways, the globe was and still is a very unusual one. It has no brand name, but says "The New Premium Gasoline at Price of Motor". Making a long story short, this combination which adorns the entryway foyer of our house is priceless to our family. I've restored many pumps over the years but this one & it's globe is very special to us!