About ten plus years ago years ago I seen an old gas pump leaning against an old building. I stopped, inquired and left my name. Old timer called back saying it wasn't his, it was his hired hand who skipped town and owed him money and if he didn't settle up he would call me back. A year later I got a call,and went back to check it out. He wanted 100.00 and I countered with 75.00. I really upset him and we parted. At this point you have to understand that even though my family was in the gas business since the 20's, I only knew the price of a gallon of gas and absolutely nothing about old anything. I researched the pump, immediately called him back to apologize and said I would gladly give him the 100.00 and pick it up if he accepted.

I still have the early Wayne 60.

I even found a globe from my grandfathers station for sale on the internet by chance being sold by my second cousins, the price went up when I called...

Morel of the story = doesnt pay to be a tight has.
Happy hunting.



*SuperAmerica SA, Holiday or Erickson
*Loxtercamp, Greenwald Service, Greenwald Standard Oil.
*Grey Crown Globe, Standard Oil Signs, Posters