Well, it all started for me when i was about 11. My step-dad was having a 30 foot by 30 foot room added to the back of the house as a gameroom for us. Immedietly after, he had to go and buy 2 old Mills slot machines. On the way we kept stopping and stopping at all the big antique malls and he loved the old coca-cola and soda advertising since he remembered it from when he was a kid. Then, came came the 3rd or so last aisle we hadnt been down, an entire aisle rented by 1 guy filled with gas and oil stuff and it was packed full of it(malls somewhere in the middle of VA and NJ) and that aisle was at least 100 feet long and it was like seeing Jessica Simpson naked in person. Ok, well it wasnt that nice of a looking aisle but thats what started it.

After going in all those antique malls, me and him would go to all of the antique malls within a 3 hour radius of our house every weekend. I enjoyed cause it was in a way an adventure. But then one day I showed him the world of ebay which was about 3 years ago. Sad to say, we havent been to a antique mall since...


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