Good topic for discussion.... I dont know how, or when, exactly that I got the bug. I moved out to the country at the end of 1999. Just down the road from me is a tall Tok 39. Every day I drove by that pump thinking that it would be cool to get it and restore it. Why I picked an old gas pump, I'll never know. After talking with the keeper, she told me that there was one down at the old sawmill that her family owned. Well, one pump led to another, a Tok 39A, as the search for doors for the G&B 96 led to the discovery of a 36B. It was all downhill from there. A gas pump from our hay supplier, two 36Bs from a customer, (see "The thrill of the hunt") the Front Range Gas Bash, a COTM feature, a few oil cans from Wes Worsham, (where has he been lately?) maps, e-bay, a bunch of stuff from DB, e-bay, auctions, Scott Wright, a road trip to Iowa Gas...... AAAAHHHHHHHHHRRRRGGGG!!!! DID I MENTION E-BAY?????

Anything Chevron
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I'd rather be flying.....