I started when I was about 11-12. My family had a place down at the beach in NC, and we would typically take rural highways to get down there. On the way were numerous old stations with old pumps, etc (all gone now). Also on the way was Wayne Story's place. For some reason the old pumps, etc really caught my eye. My dad wasn't into collecting at all, but we decided to stop at Wayne's place at my insistance on the way back up one time. I bought a 30's Texaco 42" sign from him as my first petro purchase ever and I was hooked. Being a kid, I usually had to save up my money for the occasional purchases, until I got my first job around 14-15. I got my first pump when I was around 14. I'm 25 now, still collect on a bit of a budget, but luckily its not quite as tight as it used to be! Met lots of great people in this hobby. I was probably one of the first people on ebay (stuff used to be crazy cheap on there), but there's no substitute for going to the shows or auctions.