I started collecting about 5 years ago. We bought a old farm house in the country & I wanted to do something with the attic. I got signed up on Ebay & started looking at signs. I told the wife lets make the attic a small rec room & decorate it with some old signs. I have alway liked the look of old signs & thought it would be cool so she said ok. Well I started out buying 1 & 2gal oil cans & small tire rack signs. Then the signs got bigger & the attic got a little more stuff in it & so on. Needless to say the attic is for storage & I now have to much petro to put up there. Like any other collection you pick up other petro idems of differant kinds. I now have over 300 signs,about a dozen pumps,9 lubsters,100 oil cans,14 globes & the other odd & end stuff that goes with it. My wife will tell me once or twice a year "you need to sell some of that stuff you have it everywhere. It is in the barn,your pole bulding,chicken coop & basement." So I tell her it dont cost a dime sitting there so deal with it. Plus I dont smoke,drink or do drugs so this is what I do & enjoy. She does like it even if she complains about it "she has let it slip out more than once LOL". I have a old barn that I want to redo & make the old hay loft a rec room & the downstairs a shop. It is plenty big enough to display my collection & have room to add more. Well this is how I got started & that is all I have to say about that. HAGD Brad Ralston

Wanted Owens Motor Oil & Mobiloil Gargoyle.
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