A couple friends at work were collecting gas pumps about 15 years ago which peaked my interest. I called a cousin who was a farmer and he said he had a pump in his dump come and get it. I got it home turned out it was a Wayne 60, I was hooked. That year the three of us picked up about 50 pumps mostly at scrap prices. One friend needed money so I bought alot of his pumps the other one moved away so I ended up with alot of those pumps also. At present I've got 38 restored pumps in the barn. I just started my 50th restoration which is a Erie 10 Cadet. Lonnie Hop's articles on collecting globes on a budget in Check the Oil started me on globes. I thought maybe I would get 10 or so, 160 globes later I have to say I'm addicted to pumps and globes. Richard