Hi all,
It's always fun to here the different stories about how a collection got started.

I have always been interested in cars, mainly American, and you always come across "related" stuff...

I got started about 7 years ago. I saw a little paper model of a gas station, 1:43 scale, at a car swap meet. The model was built like a wall with two pumps in front of it, very simple.
I thought a real "wall" would be cool to have outside my house, since I haven't got room for a complete building.
I started collecting for this, and this only, but you all know how it goes...lots of other stuff finds its way to the collection.
Now, I have about ten different pumps, some signs, cans and a couple of globes.

Well, I finally built that "wall" during last summer, and will post pictures as soon as the pumps have gotten some paint on them.

best regards,