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I have activated the direct image upload "File Manager" feature to all forums. Try out the new system on the "Testing Area" forum. You may still use ImageShack or Photobucket and the [img] tags to display pictures in all forums.

Please upload only petroliana images, including gas station, auto service, tire, battery, spark plug and related memorabilia along with auto dealer signs.

Images need to be sized to 640 x 480 or smaller and 150k in memory size or smaller. We recommend using the software that came with your digital camera to resize. A good practice is to reset the resolution on your camera temporarily to 640 x 480 to save time to upload.
Or use - Online free image resizing instructions:

* Login to Shop Talk
* Click on "New Topic" or "New Reply" (Full Reply Screen)
* Then click on "File Manager"
* Click on "Browse" and select your image. Images should be 640 x 480 or less and 150k or less.
* Add text in caption box
* Click the "Add File" button
* Click the "Done Adding Files" button.
* Fill out the Subject and Post message box (no image code is needed) Preview button will not show image
* Click "Submit"

Pictures of the step-by-step process:

Resize smart phone pics with an app for quick and easy upload with both Android and iPhones:

Second method instructions for posting pictures from your smart phone:

Here is Oilcanman87's video tutorial on uploading pictures using our Resize Tool. First half is for iPhone and iPad and the second half is for PC computers.

Thanks, Oilcanman87 !
Try it!

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