An avatar is the image that appears just below a member's name in the message posted by that member.

I've set up a direct upload for your avatar. You may now have your avatar hosted by an image host like ImageShack as explained in the "Testing Area" tutorial, you can upload the image directly to our server or choose one already on our server.

For the avatar direct upload, click on "My Stuff" on the Shop Talk menu bar. Choose "Profile" from the menu that drops down from My Stuff.

Scroll down the Profile editing page almost to the bottom. Click the button to the left of
"Upload your avatar (Your image must be smaller than 80x80 pixels; .gif, .jpg, .png accepted)"
Then click on the "Browse" button to find and select your avatar image file.
Click the "Submit" button to upload. Your avatar should now appear.

Your avatar does not need to be square. But it does need to be 80 pixels in its largest dimension, or close to it. The image file memory size should be less than 25k.

Resize tool for avatars:
Set size to "80"

Another easier option is to select an avatar already on the server for use by any member.
On your profile page, click the "Change" link next to the words, "Use a stock avatar" Select a stock avatar. Click the button next to "Use a stock avatar" and the click the Submit button.

Only a few petro stock avatars are available so far. More will be added as we go. If you are interested in helping others by making some stock 80 x 80 petro avatar images, send them to me by email attachment.

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