Resize an image to create your own avatar at Resize pictures - just remember, that an avatar can be 80 pixels. This free online tool will do it for you. You don't have to download a program.

Download / Save the resized image and then do a direct upload of your avatar into your Profile. Click "My Stuff" then "Profile" Scroll down to "Upload your avatar"

Additionally, before you post any picture in the forums, Shrink your picture to a maximum of 640 pixels to prevent horizontal scrolling and slow download speeds. Click the link to resize a picture.

Download / Save the resized image and then do a direct upload:
* Click on "New Topic" or "New Reply"
* Then click on "File Manager"
* Click on "Browse" and select your image. Images should be 640 x 480 or less and 100k or less.
* Add text in caption box
* Click the "Add File" button
* Click the "Done Adding Files" button.
* Fill out the Subject and Post message box (no image code is needed) Preview button will not show image
* Click "Submit"

The direct upload feature is not available on the Non-Petro forums.

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