I've enabled members to take polls in topics they post on the General Petroliana Discussion and Non-Petro Discussion forums. This means you can make up a survey yourself and see the results as members vote for choices you set up.

Here's how:

* Click the button to Post New Topic in one of the forums mentioned above
* Click on "Poll Manager" on the topic submission form
* Then click on the button "Add a Poll"
* Then fill in the Poll Name, number of choices to vote for, choose if the user gets one choice or can check several choices - then "submit"
* Then Fill in a short description for each of your choices - "submit"
* Then optionally choose a start and stop time for the survey - "submit"
* Click the button "Done adding polls" or add another poll in the same topic.
* Put a short explanation of the poll in the topic Post text box and submit the topic

Please avoid controversial political or objectionable poll content. Have fun and maybe we'll all learn something too.

Here is an example poll in this topic. Go ahead and take the poll!
If you are on the Portal page reading this, click on the topic name link above to see the poll, "Polls Enabled, make your own survey"

How many oil cans do you have in your collection?
single choice
Less than 5
12%, 2 Votes
5 - 10
6%, 1 Votes
11 - 25
6%, 1 Votes
26 - 50
18%, 3 Votes
More than 50
59%, 10 Votes
Total Votes: 17
Voting on this poll ends: Sun Aug 30 2009 08:43 PM